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A Day with Elephants - Pride of Jaipur


Elephant village in Jaipur is a small community village that was set-up by the local government of Rajasthan in 2010 to provide a proper shelter & water facilities to the families who take care of Elephants along with providing a natural habitat for these giant animals surrounded by the Aravali mountain ranges. If you are an animal lover, this will be the best things to do in Jaipur for you.


Rajasthan being a desert land, is not a natural habitat for Elephant & therefore, Jaipur is the only place in Rajasthan to have Elephants which were brought from the jungles of South India. The most interesting thing about the Elephant village is, the Elephants do not belong to Rajasthan & even the Elephant care takers are not local & instead they belong to an eastern state of India - Bihar. 


Elephant village in Jaipur is definitely one of the most interesting places to spend time at. The location of the village which is set-up amidst Aravali Mountains adds to the fun and makes it a bespoke travel opportunity and one of the best things to do in Jaipur that can also be incorporated in your Rajasthan tour packages.


A day with Elephants - with Vedic Walks is a unique and offbeat activity to offer a memorable Elefantastic day to our guests in Jaipur not only by engaging in fun activities with Elephants but also giving it back to the community by spending some time the local community members. It is an Eleday with lots of Elefun.

Even if you do not wish to take an Elephant safari in Jaipur, we recommend you to visit Elephant village in Jaipur and spend quality time praising their beauty. Although, if you missed out Elephat safari at Amer Fort, Elephant village will be an apt place for taking an Elephant safari in the natural surroundings.




  • Introduction with Elephants & their keepers - The moment you meet the Elephant, you have to let him catch your smell and this is how they would know you. Comfort the Elephant by stroking on his trunk under the supervision of his keeper.

  • Communication with Elephants - Beautiful & Intelligent they are, Elephants understand a certain language & it's time to learn some basics of the language to communicate with the Elephants

  • Feeding & make them yours - Eating is probably one of the things Elephants can do for hours. Elephants make friends with people very quickly & feeding them some sugarcane or bananas makes the process even quick!

  • Washing & Scrubbing - A day for Elephant begins with a shower with his keeper. Later in the day, they take another bath in the pond make for them.  While visitors are not allowed to bathe the Elephants, you can watch them getting ecstatic in the pond & scrub them once they are out. Best time to see Elephants bathe is between April to September.

  • Painting the Elephant - Elephant keepers take pride keeping their Elephants well groomed & decorated. Painting an Elephant is like making a fancy dress for them.

  • Cooking meals for Elephants - After shower & painting, its meal time for Elephants. Learn the traditional method of cooking Elephant's food & make some of the breads yourself, if time allows.

  • Elephant Safari- Though, we do not promote Elephant rides as a part of our contribution towards responsible tourism. However, if you are willing, a short ride will suffice.

  • Bid adieu - Its time, we say goodbye to our friends & return to our hotel

Start point          : Elephant village                 

Finish point        : Elephant village

Duration              : 02 Hours

Timings               : Afternoon

Price (P.P)           : US$ 65 or INR 5500 per person

Valid till                : September 2024

*Transport available at supplement cost

*Price based on minimum 2 Persons for this tour

*Service tax as applicable

*For more than 5 Persons, Ask for group price

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