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Exlore some of the best offbeat tours and best things to do in Rajasthan. Signature tours by Vedic Walks

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We love showcasing our country; we want you to know our cities; we invite you to be a part of our lives and we feel proud of sharing our culture with you.


Unique Experiences or offbeat tours in Rajasthan by Vedic Walks are all by-products of those wishes of a traveler that went un-fulfilled in their Rajasthan tour packages schedule. Vedic Walks brings to its patrons an opportunity to witness bespoke travel in India as never before. An India, that is rich and budding with culture, colors, stories, flavors, arts and good deeds. The whole fabric of India in a selected collection of best things to do in Rajasthan is what Unique Activities is all about.


Vedic Walks has handpicked some offbeat tours and bespoke travel that bring out the best of Indian society. These unique experiences in Rajasthan give an opportunity to the traveler to experience Rajasthan up-close. To add to it, not only experience Rajasthan, but be a part of it. Sometimes these Experiences can end up in soiling hands for doing a service for the helpless, but it cleanses all the senses of the participant.


These offbeat tours experiences in Rajasthan are some of the best things to do in Rajasthan and are full of visual delights, great storytelling, amazing smells, smiling faces, fine arts, gratifying services and above all a feeling of taking back India to your country.


We picked a line written for us, by one of our participants “My friends will see and praise photos of the Taj from my India Album, but I will cherish the memories of visiting the potter community and learning their art


Another great feeling expressed by a teen-age girl:  “I came to India to see what my textbooks told me. Till the time I was with the bus group, it was the same as the text books. And then Vedic Walks happened. I am thankful to them to tell me something my pals back home don’t know about India. I will come back to get married the Indian way.”


India has boundless opportunities for exploring in a single lifetime. Why waste even one chance during your visit? Read our latest blog on Top tips for Exploring India.



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