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Four Religions in a Mile - Morning & Evening Walk


  • A replacement of Pushkar sightseeing tour and must things to do in Pushkar.

  • Explore the presence of four prominent religions of India, in a walk only a mile long.

  • Perform a ceremony as homage to your forefathers at the holy Pushkar Lake.

  • Visit a famous temple with a blend of Rajput and Tamil Architecture.

  • Observe the importance of the fire ritual - Havan.

  • Walk through local markets and witness colorful traditional  dresses ,turban makers, perfume and craftsmen.

  • Visit the famous Brahma Temple in Pushkar

  • Taste local delicacies & share a chit chat with local priest over hot cup of tea.

  • An accompanying Vedic Walks' Explorer from the local priest family

  • Pushkar Spritual Walk MAP.

  • One bottle of Mineral Water.

  • Vedic Walks Souvenir at the end of the Pushkar walking tour.

Start point          : Pushkar Gurudwara (Sikh temple)                

Finish point        : Pushkar fair ground

Duration              : 2 - 2.5 Hours

Timings                : 08:30 Am (Morning walk)

                                : 16:00 Pm (Evening walk)

Price (P.P)            : US$ 35 OR INR 2800/ Person

Valid till                : September 2024

*Price based on minimum 2 Persons for this tour

*Camel ride available at supplement cost

*Service tax as applicable

*For more than 5 Persons, Ask for group price

Pushkar Photo Walk - Evening Walk


  • Another value add to your Pushkar sightseeing tour. 

  • A walk to cover major Photographic dimensions of the town

  • Witness bustling market whose economy revolves around temple's & offering to god

  • Understand the distinguish features of different school of paintings in Rajasthan

  • Visit a Jain Temple with beautiful gold painted Idol of Mahavir

  • A Cup of tea at a roof-top cafe facing Pushkar Lake

  • Visit a food junction of Pushkar's famous delicacies

  • Explore a hidden temple with fusion of South / North Indian Architecture

  • Visit a temple older than the chief deity of Pushkar

  • Perform a ritual for your forefathers with a local priest at Principal Ghaat

  • Hit the stop which offers a beautiful Panoramic view of Pushkar

  • An accompanying Walking explorer from Vedic Walks

  • Pushkar Photo Walk MAP

  • One bottle of Mineral Water

  • Vedic Walks Souvenir at the end of Pushkar walking tour

Start point          : Pushkar Fair Ground              

Finish point        : Sunset Point

Duration              : 2.5 - 3 Hours

Timings                : 16:00 Pm (October to March)

                                : 16:30 Pm (April to September)

Price (P.P)            : US$ 55 OR INR 4500/ Person

Valid till                : September 2024

*Price based on minimum 2 Persons for this tour

*For more than 5 Persons, Ask for group price

*Service tax as applicable


Pushkar is a small and modest town. Wearing clothes that cover your body adequately are suggested. Since it is walking tour, comfortable footwear that can be easily removed and worn again, are suggested. If uncomfortable walking barefoot in a temple, please carry a spare set of socks.


Pushkar a holy little town; a pilgrimage for some and a hermitage for others. This little town a 135 km down south of Jaipur has its own charm. The very air of the place is different from any other village or city of India. The city dwells around the holy lake and the whole economy, society, tourism and devotion is in the crescent shaped road along the lake and is famous for Brahma temple Pushkar. 


The above is only the known description of Pushkar. What is unknown is what the Pushkar walking tour is all about. A walk that lasts for 2.5 hours in physical sense, but lasts a lifetime in memories. The walk is meant for people from all walks of life. All you need to be is curious and ask questions and be ready for some interesting anecdotes and hyperboles. Puskar walking tour is a very interesting replacement of Pushkar sightseeing Vedic Walks is an Innovative Travel Agency in Rajasthan & our Pushkar walking tour is a best example of how we create our programs. Read our latest blog on Pushkar Cattle Fair.


WALK THE TALK: It is not like a usual pushkar sightseeing where a guide points at things and the tourists listen to narratives and click funny pictures. It is for you to talk to priests, ask question- no matter how irrelevant or stupid the questions are. It is imperative to dig out every piece of information that is of your interest during this day tour of Pushkar. Certainly the best thing to do in Pushkar


EXPLORE AND KNOW: Pushkar walking tours are slow and subtle. It is for you to explore the place, understand it and finally admire it. The walk has been designed by keeping the virtue of exploration in mind. Your interest may be religion, food, photography, history or culture. It is for you to explore the boundaries of your subject. Things that are not covered in Pushkar sightseeing tour are what we cover in our walking tour of Pushkar.


MEMORIES: Pushkar steals your heart away. It is colorful and bright. It has all the necessary ingredients to lure a tourist. Still the memories of this place are short-lived. A walking tour will ensure that you will love to ‘Re-live Pushkar’ in your future life. 


GIVE BACK:A lot of travelers come to Pushkar and leave without giving their fair share. We at Vedic Walks, ensure that a percentage of our earnings go to the betterment of the town and keeps it lively as ever. 


Overall, our Pushkar walking tour is quite different from what you experience during a Pushkar sightseeing tour or any other day tour in Pushkar. Different elements of our Pushkar walking tour makes it a preferred choice for travellers and is indeed one of the best things to do in Pushkar after Pushkar camel fair and visiting Brahma temple in Pushkar. 


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