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Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the largest state of India in terms of area, known for its rich cultural heritage and legacy of the late brave emperors. Rajasthan has been one of the most popular destinations for travellers from all over the world. With the breath-taking architecture of the historical forts and the antique handcrafted items, Rajasthan has stood upright in proving its worth.

Vedic Walks’ bring to you the list of top 10 luxury hotels in Rajasthan where in you get insight of the royal culture of Rajasthan with a touch of elegance and class. Hotels that are distinct in their own way and should be a part of all Luxury Rajasthan tour packages.




JAIPUR RAMBAGH PALACE, which used to be the residence of maharaja of Jaipur, is now a hotel. Rated as the best hotel in 'the world' by Conde Nast traveller magazine in 2009.The extra-ordinary historical infrastructure of this palace in itself speaks of royalty. Adding to the majestic surrounding, the presence of embellished camel, horses and elephants makes the whole scenario apt to experience the regal time of the royal former kings. Definitely one of the best luxury hotels in India.




RAJVILAS JAIPUR is situated at a location that facilitates an ultimate view of landscapes that soothes your eyes. This hotel gives you a chance to experience luxury at its best. The property provides a comfortable library bar and rejuvenating spa for you to relax and distress yourself. Dwell into the feel of a monarch by staying in this luxury hotel of Rajasthan as your choice.

If you like to travel with own pace and love staying at places that are peaceful and serene, do ask you travel agent to incorporate this hotel in your Rajasthan tour packages.




RANTHAMBORE VANYA VILAS is a hotel for nature lovers! Situated near the well-known Ranthambore tiger reserve, the hotel offers a commendable surrounding to enjoy and experience the feel of wildlife within the premises of hotel. Since it’s all about flora and fauna, you get to witness it all live with the excellent accommodation of beautifully decorated tents. Cherish the adventure of a jungle with luxury facility of Vanya Vilas. Do consider this hotel before booking your luxury tour of Rajasthan.




LAKE PALACE UDAIPUR is considered as one of the most romantic hotels in India and around the world. Made with heavenly white marble, just a glance at the palace gives you a feeling of enormous peace and satisfaction. The palace is surrounded with water from all sides. There is an arrangement of a speed boat that is used as a transport for the welcome of the guests. The exhilarating experience of boating is one of a kind. Overall, Lake Palace hotel in Udaipur should definitely deserve space in your Rajasthan tour package for at least two overnights.




UDAIVILAS. Spread over 200 acres of land Udai Vilas is one of the most prestigious properties of Rajasthan. Including a wildlife sanctuary, the resort offers a spectacular view of luxuriant garden and sparkling 'Lake Pichola'. Each and every thing that you lay your eyes on in the villa will constantly remind you of being in Udaipur hence making it special. This is not just one of the luxury hotels in India, but the vast range of scrumptious Indian and international cuisines are in superfluity and the wherewithal service is just unmatched.




UMED BHAWAN PALACE. Booking your Rajasthan tour package? Wait before you learn about this hotel. Named after Maharaja Umaid Singh, grandfather of present maharaja of Jodhpur, the palace holds the value of being in the list of luxury tours India. The architecture of palace is a blend of modern and ancient culture of royal Rajputs of Rajasthan. Umaid bhavan has its own museum which has a fine collection of arts and weapons of ancient times. One can easily find the royalty within the walls of the palace holding prestigious memories of the kings.




RAAS. Located amidst the center of the city, hotel Raas has the facilities to make your visit worth remembering. Hotel has a typical Haveli style architecture. Rooms are in three modern buildings, built using traditional techniques and local materials. Each guestroom is furnished with famous handcrafted items of Rajasthan. The excellent service of the staff is appreciable and you can expect a load-free and completely memorable visit.




THE SARAI. This one hundred acres property in gold and white combination of color at a glance delivers immense peace to the viewer. The whole surrounding is such that it lets you dwell into the legacy of the royal Rajputs. The beauty of well-lit tents at night, in the lap of Thar deserts is impossible to describe. Sarai is a hotel for one to revive and get enchanted with the beauty of Thar deserts. The impeccable stay arrangement and amazing service of the place is enough to let your Rajasthan tour package worthwhile.




SURYAGARH. Holding a strong grip on the roots of the golden grains of the city Jaisalmer, Suryagarh is amongst the luxurious hotels of Rajasthan. Suryagarh is a combination of palace intermixed with elegance, royalty and ultra-modern amenities. The extravagant look of the whole fort is absolute. Apart from a lavish stay at Suryagarh one can also enjoy activities like desert safari, cooking classes, sword fighting and much more.




MANWAR DESERT CAMPS. 'Adventure' is the word that can define the desert camps of Manwar. Six kilometers away from the resort, this desert camp is inspired from the hunting trips of the Thakurs and their kinsmen in ancient India. The camp is well equipped with tents of luxurious amenities. The tents are arranged in a semi-circle around the courtier's hall. For those who seek to be in the atmosphere relating to close dealings with the wilderness of deserts, Manwar desert camp is just the place for you.



Vedic Walks is a boutique tour operator that offers only Handcrafted & Bespoke tours of Rajasthan. Working closely with the artisans and tourism projects on grass root level, the aim is to develop and offer unadulterated and Exceptional Indigenous Experiences to Luxury vagabonds from around the world. Vedic Walks has been recognised as one of the most Innovative and Responsible Tour operators.

For more information on best things to do in Rajasthan, please feel free to write us at

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